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Free revolutionary business intelligence for every online entrepreneur.

Connect your Google Analytics account to the app and achieve unprecedented growth with data insights.

What you can expect with GMU Business Analytics:

  • Easily generated business analyses and clear insights for profitable growth
  • Continual clarity in your ROI progress, make informed choices with confidence
  • Monitor your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), revenue, investments, visitor traffic, and conversion rates at a glance
  • Comprehensive insights at any time and anywhere to constantly stay ahead in your industry
  • Improve the performance of your SMB enterprise with action-oriented insights and Power BI-like dashboards
  • Real-time insight: easy overview of 30 versus 30 days rolling business data
  • Marketing insights: track your channel performance, including SEO, email marketing, Meta Business (Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook ads)
  • Extensive customer analysis: track new and existing customers with detailed metrics
  • Gain insight into the most valuable customer acquisition channels for sustained profit growth

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