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Get real-time data displayed in a convenient way. Access 30 days of rolling business data at your fingertips, and take your business strategy to the next level. Empower yourself with a complete understanding anytime, anywhere. Start harnessing the power of real-time data now to gain unparalleled insights and elevate your business strategy today.

‍Enhance your decision-making with GMU Business Analytics' advanced analysis layered over your Google Analytics 4 data.

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Save time and effort - maximize your returns with GMU Business Analytics

Bid farewell to time-consuming spreadsheets and embrace the power of organizing and analyzing data to generate actionable insights. Make your data work for you! Our intuitive dashboard brings your data to life, simplifying complex analytics into clear strategies for success.

With our seamless 30-day rolling analytics, you can take the guesswork out of your ROI progress. Experience the power of our data engine, enabling you to monitor your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), revenue, investments, visitor traffic, and conversion rates at a glance.

Unlock essential customer insight

Elevate Your Business Strategy with GMU Client Analytics. Understand how your users interact across all your online channels and unlock your company's potential with the ultimate data insights. GMU Client Analytics is your key to mastering client acquisition and retention metrics. With our advanced data visualizations, you can track not only your current client base but also the influx of new clients, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your business's engagement and growth.

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Identifying the best sources to determine the value of new customers

Discover the true value of new customers, enabling you to make strategic marketing decisions that enhance new customer conversions. This approach is pivotal in growing your business and securing long-term revenue. Focus consistently on identifying the most valuable sources to ensure efficient growth in your new customer base.

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Forecast your business future

Harness the power of our proprietary machine learning method, tailored to leverage historical data for predicting future revenue and profit performance. Our advanced GMU Forecasting Algorithms meticulously analyze historical trends and seasonal data, allowing you to predict your business's financial trajectory with unparalleled accuracy. This powerful combination equips you with the insights needed to plan your business strategy with confidence, ensuring you're always a step ahead in forecasting and performance management.

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Better insights, better decisions

Our premium margin analyzer enables businesses to accurately monitor the impact of a comprehensive set of costs. This is an additional powerful tool for your pricing strategy.

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Swiftly identify the investment opportunity

If you are planning to invest in a project or business, you need to know how profitable it is. Our own IRR forecasting analysis tool estimate the profitability to help you make the right decision for an new project or investment.

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